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Europcar Fiji Terms & Conditions - Summary of Key Points

The below T&Cs(including prices and taxes) are provided by Europcar and may change without notice to VroomVroomVroom.

This quote includes:

Subject to Europcar agreement, all rates include service turn over tax and value added tax (vat) total of 25%.  
All vehicles have full comprehensive insurance cover.

This quote does not include:

Stamp Duty for $10 FJD is to be paid on the counter.

Insurance  and Excess

Damage excess applies across all vehicle groups between $2750.00 to $4000.00 regardless of fault. Excess reduction- in the event of any loss or damage to the vehicle or third party property, the customer is liable for an excess across all the vehicle groups. The excess may be reduced at the time of hiring by purchasing excess reduction.All our vehicles have full comprehensive insurance cover and with the following insurance excess as follows:

Economy, Compact, Intermediate SUV, Large SUV, People mover & 4 WD vans $4,000.00 FJD.
This can be reduced by purchasing SCWD which will reduce to:  Economy, Compact, Intermediate$500.00 FJD SUV, Large SUV, People mover & 4 WD vans $2000.00 FJD

Insurance does not include the following (Renter is responsible for the following);

1.Lost wheel caps and tyre damages 
2. Windscreen and any other mirror damages 
3. Interior damage i.e. Radio, seats, A/c vents, steering covers etc.
4. Immersion of vehicle in water 
5. Under carriage damage 
6. All traffic and parking infringements
7. Renter must inform rental station staff as soon there is any accident or damage to the vehicle. Police report together with accident report (available on the  counter) to be produced during or before the rental duration. 8. In case of accident and if the vehicle is immobile; separate towing charges apply


A refundable deposit is required at the commencement of hire depending on vehicle groups.ECAR, ECMR, CDAR, CDMR, IDAR, IDMR => $500.00 FJD IFAR, SFBR, PVAR, FPND = $1000.00 FJD 

Minimum Age

Minimum age is 21 and Maximum age is 65

License Requirements

Driver must hold a valid driving license. For provisional license holder they should be one-year experience. Additional insurance is needs to be bought either than the excess reducer. This is $33.00 FJD per day.

Extending the Rental Dates

For extension of rental duration please contact the rental station. Additional hours are charged at one third of the daily rate.

Restricted Travel

Vehicles are not permitted outside of mainland (Viti levu). Vehicles are not permitted to be driven by unauthorized driver. If the unauthorized driver is involved in an accident therefore the total damage cost should be beared by the renter.


Refuelling option is also available at the counter.


In case of breakdowns or accidents contact Europcar hour numbers.

Payment Options

We accept the following charge cards: American express, visa and master cards, JCB, Diners club. We accept debit cards as well for Visa, MasterCard & Amex card.No cash payments are accepted.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are available on request which are $15.00 FJD per day.