Europcar Terms & Conditions 

The below T&Cs(including prices and taxes) are provided by Europcar and may change without notice to 

This quote includes:

  • Tax 
  • Stamp duty 
  • Theft And Collision Damage Waiver LDW (Excess liability charge of 120000 VUV standard vehicle /150000 VUV luxury and 4wd) plus tax Vehicle excess can be reduced by purchasing the Loss Damage Reduction upon arrival 
  • Unlimited kilometres 
  • Vehicle Registration 
  • One way fees if applicable 
  • Premium station surcharge 

This quote will not include:

  • Theft And Collision & Damage Waiver Plus 20% of basic rental per day - liability reduced to 60000 VUV for standard / 70000 VUV 4wd and luxury fleet) 
  • Additional Driver 1165.00 VUV per day to a maximum of 3495 VUV 
  • Child Seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation for 1165 VUV per seat, per day). This price is capped at 3495 VUV per seat per rental 
  • Security deposit where applicable - see below terms and conditions - Payments terms vary for credit cards and debit Visa/Mca (if accepted) 
  • Credit card fee  - VISA/MASTER 3.5% ;  AMEX  5%
* All extra add-ons will attract additional percentage taxes and surcharges. 


12.5% Tax

Deposit policy

Total rental estimate+120 000 VUV

Age Requirements

The minimum driver age required is 25 years old. Young drivers aged between 21 and 24 Inclusive pay 3,000 VUV per day and Insurance Excess will increase. 

All drivers must have held their license. A Passport will be required for identification purpose.

Modifying Booking

Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. For details on how to modify your booking please click the 'My Booking' tab above.

Airport Pickup : Important

Accurate Flight Details and Flight arrival time are extremely important. Correct details are a requirement of suppliers to guarrantee the reservation. Delays will occur if the incorrect details are added to the reservation - and some suppliers will not hold the reservation longer that 1 hour unless notified.

Hint: if you are delayed - visit the counter of the supplier at your departing airport.

Driving Licence

Must be valid. International drivers licence not mandatory.

Credit Cards Accepted 


Security Deposit is required at the commencement of the Rental

Credit card fee  - VISA/MASTER  3.5% ;  AMEX  5%

Cash rental deposit


Deposits listed below:

Compact 4wd -  120,000vt plus rental
Standard 2wd -  120,000vt plus rental
4wd - 150,000vt plus rental
Luxury - 150,000vt plus rental

Delivery / Collection

VT1000 each way within the first 20km and VT100 per km thereafter

Excess Reduction Guide

Included in the rate is basic cover for damage (exclusions below), with the following excess: 

C - Compact 4wd -  120,000vt plus rental
S - Standard 2wd -  120,000vt plus rental
F - 4wd - 150,000vt plus rental
L - Luxury - 150,000vt plus rental

Excess Reduction Fee

Approved drivers can further reduce the EXCESS payable to :

Vehicle Group

Excess Reduction (VUV)

Additional Per Day (VUV)

C & S


20% of Basic Rental per Day

F & L


20% of Basic Rental per Day

Any Damage to Glass, tyres, undercarriage, overhead or interior of the Vehicle is the responsibility of the Renter and not covered by Insurance.

Restriction Of Use 

Only 4x4 vehicles are allowed to leave the city. 
Any Damage to Glass, tyres, undercarriage, overhead or interior of the Vehicle is the responsibility of the Renter and not covered by Insurance.

Additional Drivers 

Fee of VT3,000 per additional driver

Traffic Infringements 

Are responsibility of the Renter 


Each vehicle is supplied with a full tank and must be returned full, or a refuelling charge of 1,500vt plus the cost of fuel will apply. 

Rental Extension 

Must be approved and paid for in advance

Full terms and conditions at:

Other services

Assistants are provided to attend breakdowns and fees are determined upon confirmation of location baby boosters/sits available upon request, charges apply

Restriction of use

Kia Picanto and Rio within city areas only

Other conditions for car hire in Vanuatu 

Extensions must be approved and paid for in advance Traffic infringements are responsibility fo the renter refer conditions for further details

Island Fun Facts

Vanuatu is a vibrant, fun destination, but leave behind your preconceived ideas; our roads are like a new safari every day, no rules, no idea and very little bitumen. 

The maximum driving speed is 80km per hour, but around town the speed limit is 50 kms, this may be low kms but when trying to avoid pot holes , children, women with fresh produce balancing precariously on their heads and the occasional village dog , you will be happy you have rented a suitable and safe vehicle. 

Driving is on the right hand side but DO NOT be concerned about this, we have signs to assist inside the vehicle and the main rule is remember, driver in the middle. 

Once you have navigated your way through the colorful city centre and are out on the roads, it becomes ever so laid-back. 

The trip around the island is 136kms but there is so much to do that it really cannot be appreciated in only one day.