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Tourist Refund Scheme

Tourist Refund Scheme banner

Are you a traveller leaving Australia? Here's some handy information - you can actually claim the tax (GST) back on some things you've purchased if you're taking them out of the country! Here are some guidelines for how to claim the GST back with the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) run by Customs.

  • Spend a minimum of $300 including GST in the one store and get it all on one tax invoice.
  • Make sure your purchase is within 30 days of your departure date.
  • Carry the items with you on to the plane or ship. You need to present them along with your passport at the TRS refund desk at the airport or sea port.

This is a great scheme, and I have used it to save money on things like laptops, cameras and watches in the past. To work out how much you will get back, just divide the total amount by 11 (e.g. on $500 you will get back $45.45). It's not applicable to everything, so make sure you check all the details beforehand.

You can download a printable PDF with all the details here - Tourist Refund Scheme