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Campervan Hire in Australia

Campervan rental on the road

Reasons why more people prefer renting a campervan when exploring Oz

Australia and campervan hire goes hand in hand. The country is so massive and if you want a thorough look of the area, you won't miss a thing if you travel with a campervan. Catching a bus is uncomfortable while trains won't let you stop to see the places that you want to check out. Forget about flying over the outback because you won't see a thing!

That's why getting a campervan rental in Australia is the best option. You can visit places that you want any time; and it is a whole lot cheaper than shelling out money everyday on accommodation and public transport. Your hotel is your transport!

Campervans have gone significant improvements through the years. They range in size, design, and features. The most elegant model can sometimes cost the same amount of a tiny house.

But there's none of that at CarHire.com.au. The country's leading suppliers like Apollo and Britz offer high-quality yet affordable campervans, motorhomes, and RVs. Most of their vehicles can accommodate up to six people and feature several extras like microwave, gas stove, griller and refrigerator, even reverse cycle air conditioning!

The campervans for rent are available based on daily rates, same thing as a motel or hotel. If you want to see the price comparison of available models from the suppliers, visit our sister company's Campervan page. Just type in the location and date to get a list of available campervans, motorhomes, and RVs. 

So consider a campervan hire on your next trip to Australia. It is a great choice for those travelling with their family and friends, those who are looking for a new adventure, or those interested in spending their holidays admiring the beautiful sights of the land down under.